INDIAN SUMMER on the lakes of Berlin

INDIAN SUMMER on the lakes between Berlin and Potsdam

With a hot glass of grog or tea in your hands enjoy the fresh autumnal breeze on the upper deck of our yacht CARPE DIEM.

Or take a seat in the well heated lounge deck and watch the autumnal scenery through large windows.

Watch the villas at Wannsee or the castles of Potsdam from their best point of view : from the lakes

If you like we anchor in a nice bay and heat the grill for a barbecue on the water.

Taste fresh from our grill :

On our buffet table on the lounge deck, a lot of side dishes are waiting for you.

What is about the christmas party of your team ?

Reserve on time !

X-Mas party aboard
X-Mas Party aboard of CARPE DIEM
Welcome aboard

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