Eventship CARPE DIEM


CARPE DIEM is a modern yacht for comfortable cruise up to 25 guests with 2 decks.

Also aboard :  delicious catering • a lot of drinks • buffets • friendly service and a professional skipper.

Sit down, relax and enjoy.

Enjoy the beautiful panorama view from our high stern deck.

You sit very comfortable with in our deckchairs about 2 m above the water.

Up to 15 guests are comfortable. The windshield protects against wind, a softtop against light rain and strong sun.

The softtop is foldable for small channels with low bidges or if you like to enjoy the sun.

The capacity of panoramadeck is up to15-17 guests.

Smoking is allowed on the outside deck. Please dispose of all refuse in proper receptacles.

Do not throw anything into the water. Please help us keep our rivers and lakes clean.

Discover our comfortable salon on the longuedeck. Two lounge groups for 15 guests, our bar, buffet and two restrooms.

Large windows on both side shows the passing scenery.

Our bar, two restrooms, the buffet and the wardrobe are  also on the longuedeck.

Feel the fresh breeze the sun deck, enjoy the sun and a great look ahead over the lakes and on the sights.

Soft paddings for up to 15 guests.

Our bar offers cold and warm drinks. Taste our draft beer ! Directly imported from Prague.

Invite good friends, customers to an unforgettable rivercruise.

Cold beer – warm hearts  🙂

Come aboard and relax.